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 ShadowClan Territories

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Territory Landmarks:

Camp - A dark, well-concealed hollow hidden deep in shadows. It is surrounded by prickly and fierce brambles.

Carrionplace - An evil place where rats and diseases lurk.

Thunderpath tunnel - ShadowClan cats move freely across the most feared part of the Thunderpath. This has enhanced their reputation for mysterious strength and invincibility.

Burnt Sycamore - An ancient tree struck by lightning moons ago. Apprentices are trained here to hunt at night and stalk through undergrowth.

Camp Description:

The ShadowClan Forest Camp is in a hollow with muddy ground surrounded by brambles. The entrance is through a thorn tunnel. A smooth boulder at the edge of the clearing is used by the leader to call meetings.

The nursery is in a hollow, shielded by a thorn bush.

The warriors' den is under a large bramble bush.

The medicine cat's den is in a cave under two boulders, and is surrounded by ferns.

The leader's den is beneath the roots of a big oak tree.

All information from http://warriors.wikia.com/
Some information may be altered to fit Warriors Life roleplays


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ShadowClan Territories

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