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 WindClan Territories

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Territory Landmarks:
Camp - It is tucked into a natural dip in the sandy moors. This makes the camp sheltered from wind, but easy to attack.

Abandoned Badger Set - A tunnel once used by a badger.

The Gorge - A deep gorge cut by the river in the terrain, border with RiverClan. Apprentices are forbidden to go near it.

Twoleg Farm - The northwest border of the territory is marked by a farm. Ravenpaw and Barley live here.

Outlook Rock - A large rock on the border heading towards Fourtrees. From here, everything can be seen across the moors.

Camp Description:

The WindClan Forest Camp is in a sandy hollow, surrounded by gorse. The entrance is through a gorse tunnel. A tall boulder, called the Tallrock is used by the leader to call meetings.

The nursery and the elders' den are under the gorse wall surrounding the camp.

The other cats, including the leader, prefer to sleep under the open sky, although in bad weather, they retreat in burrows made by rabbits, foxes or badgers.

All information from http://warriors.wikia.com/
Some information may be altered to fit Warriors Life roleplays


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WindClan Territories

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