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 Madbones the scatterbrained rogue

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PostSubject: Madbones the scatterbrained rogue   Madbones the scatterbrained rogue EmptySat May 06, 2017 10:32 pm

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Name- Madbones

Age- 32 moons

Gender- Male

Rank- Rogue

Clan- None (descendent of an exiled Wind Clan member)

Color/Description- Madbones’ coat is a disheveled white tangle with splotches of dirty grey-brown around his jaw and feet. He’s a tall cat, but his features are gaunt and his bones push against his skin. The most distinctive part of Madbones’ appearance is his polychromatic eyes. One, his left, is a bright amber. The other is half blue half brown.

Personality- Madbones is, in summary, a nervous wreck. He jumps at every movement, twitches at every sound, and lives in constant fear of his own shadow. He is a terrible coward and would run from a fight in a heartbeat. Some of his nerves can be attributed to his poor sight, as neither of his eyes work as well as he’d like. Other times it is because he is incredibly forgetful, never quite able to remember where he is or even what he is doing sometimes. But in most cases Madbones’ overwhelming fear is simply due to his natural skittishness. Despite how he may seem on the surface, however, he is quite cheerful and optimistic internally, happy to make friends when his nerves are settled (though he is not particularly skilled at conversation). He’s an ambitious tom-cat as well, and devotes most of his time to his own projects. Madbones thinks himself some sort of inventor, always working on some sort of contraption, some of which may even work were he ever to finish them.

Mate- None

Kits- None

Relationships- None

History- Madbones was the only child of a single rogue mother, Ashfur, who was an exiled medicine cat of the Wind Clan. Her exile was the result of her taking a mate, a rogue from outside clan lands no less, and having a kit with him. When their crimes were discovered, the rogue fled, leaving Ashfur to the mercy of the Wind Clan leader. She was a simple she-cat without many outward desires or ambitions. She was no more kind to Madbones than any other cat, only acknowledging him when she needed something from him, such as silence or space. While growing up he taught himself how to hunt as best he could, but had limited success. It did not help that his prey was always changing as he and his mother traveled from territory to territory. He was clever, though, and supplemented his inability to hunt with inventive lures and traps. Any encounter with other cats almost always ended with him running while his mother fought until she was beaten back. Madbones didn’t understand why it was always this way until he was twelve moons old. His mother told him about the clans and their territories. She had a lost look in her eyes when she spoke that frightened Madbones. He told him that he could join a clan if he wanted, but he said that he would be lost without her. He knew it was a lie and that he could survive just as well in a clan, but he loved Ashfur and didn’t want to leave her side. He slept curled up next to her that night, but awoke to find her gone. He knew that he wouldn’t see her again, that she’d likely decided to try her luck with the twolegs she’d spoken about many times in the past. After mourning her departure, Madbones chose to remain a vagabond and enjoy his freedom as best as he could.

Purchased RP Items- None
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PostSubject: Re: Madbones the scatterbrained rogue   Madbones the scatterbrained rogue EmptySat May 06, 2017 10:52 pm

Accepted. Moving


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Madbones the scatterbrained rogue

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