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 Romance Rules

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Romance Rules Empty
PostSubject: Romance Rules   Romance Rules EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 5:45 pm

I just want to set some limits, so nothing gets out of hand. Remember this site must remain PG-13, and make sure what you post would be acceptable for kids to read.

Characters MAY
-Kiss on lips, forehead/cheek
-Do a 'fade to black' if it goes any further.

Characters MAY NOT
-Remove their clothing or be naked, partially of fully, in a romantic scene.
-Remove their partner's clothing or be naked, partially of fully, in a romantic scene.
-Touch each other 'all over' or in inappropriate places.
-Kiss each other's bodies.

If you see somebody breaking these rules, please report the post and a mod will take care of it from there.
If you break these rules, you can expect a ban or warning from the mods, depending on how extreme we think your post is.

Thank you for reading these rules, the staff and I appreciate it!
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Romance Rules

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