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 Rping in this section

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PostSubject: Rping in this section   Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:48 pm

First, and foremost before even coming to this topic you should have a character already made. You can make one at the Character Creation sub board.

Once your character is made, you are all set! So lets say you made a character called Shadow. You can reply to any rp topic that is open or you can make your own. Whenever hopping into an open RP thread, you should post an intro like you would normally in the main RP. For example:

Shadow walked around, tired and hungry.  He noticed some cats hanging out at the cliff side; interested he padded over towards them. "Hi, do you know any good places to hunt here?"

You would then wait for a reply from another user and so on, and so-forth. Not so different from our main RP now, is it?

When making a new topic please put the current location you are Roleplaying in! So if you are RPing in main street, please include main street somewhere in the first post or topic description.

I hoped this helped you guys in figuring out on what to do here!
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Rping in this section

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