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 L o s t , B u t N o t A l o n e~Wip Dnp

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PostSubject: L o s t , B u t N o t A l o n e~Wip Dnp   Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:48 pm

We all live in this cruel world...Lost...Scared...And desperate
for help during these harsh seasons of darkness. Many of us survive
 in packs, keeping each other safe from large two-legged beasts
 with reckless scents and sharp pointed objects. These are no
humans, for they are monsters. They are hunters. The beasts lurk
 amongst the forest, waiting for the perfect time to strike, and
one loud 'boom' of there objects sends everyone running.

Diseases are also common during these times, bringing those who
 have it into deep sleeps, then they may never wake up. Or they may go
 insane, white foam dropping from their muzzles and blood shot eyes that
seem to destroy everything in their mind. Their family and friends,
 are possibly hopeless...But we, as a pack, will make it through
 these disastrous times.
Only one question...Will you join us?  
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L o s t , B u t N o t A l o n e~Wip Dnp

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