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 Bushpaw of shadowclan.

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PostSubject: Bushpaw of shadowclan.   Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:59 am

Age- 7 Moons
Gender- Tom
Rank- Apprentice
Clan- Shadowclan
Color/Description- Brown tom with green eyes, and a black tail.
Personality- Sarcastic, Random, and somewhat of a recluse, Is not always an easy cat to have a conversation with. Tends to be extremely cautious around kits, and is an average hunter and fighter at best. His greatest strength is probably patience.
Crush- Undecided
Mate- None
Family/History- I'm going to keep Bushpaw's history well documented if that's alright. I've placed the distinctive rank changes into era's to make the reading easier.

Pre-clan era- Bushkit was born under the name Bush. His mom was an orange she cat with green eyes, and his dad was a Brown tom with a black tail, and brown eyes. His father was a kittypet, and was killed in a house fire. His mother was a loner, and died from a fox while leaving bushpaw protected in a well hidden hollowed tree. Bushpaw was about four moons old at this time. He was found by the Shadowclan leader during a training exercise.


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Bushpaw of shadowclan.

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