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PostSubject: Skyfeather   Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:47 am

Name- Skyfeather
Age- 81  (Died at age 73 moons old)
Gender- She cat
Rank- warrior
Clan- Starclan (Formally of windclan
Color/Description- Solid white long haired she cat with light blue eyes.
Personality- Skyfeather is a kind old cat, albeit with random fits and outburst.
Crush- Shyfeather of windclin
Mate- Shyfeather of windclan
Kits- None
Skyfeather was Born in riverclan, but decided that she was better suited for windclan's open moors rather than Riverclan's forrest and river. Skyfeather became great firends with Shyfeather during her apprenticeship. Skyfeather was originally bullied by the other clan cats for her clan heiriatage, but after some dedication, proved true to Windclan. Unfortunately, She lost her clan's respect after failing her initial warriors assessment, but stayed true to the clan dispute the loss of respect, especially when Shyfeather announced his love for her. The two trained together, and soon Skyfeather joined her mate in the warriors den. Skyfeather continuesly rose and fell in and out of favor with the clan, tempered with her undying loyalty to the clan and her random outburst. Skyfeather met her end saving Bushheart (Then Bushpaw) from drowning in the gorge.( He was returning from journeying to the moonstone with his leader when a rouge pushed him over the edge. )


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