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 Warrior Clan Cats

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PostSubject: Warrior Clan Cats   Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:12 am


-somewhat recently rebooted canon
-in the beginning stages of epic storyline
-traditional roleplay
-friendly members
-has administrator who has no idea how to advertise properly (moi).

So Warrior Clan Cats, often abbreviated to WCC, is a traditional roleplay taking place long before the cats in the books existed. It was made in 2008 by a lovely girl by the username of Mistpelt and has since evolved and improved to the point where we could no longer stand to look at all the topics from four years ago and locked all the RP topics into sub-forums and started with a clean slate earlier this year. Now, just recently, we've started our plot which will be orchestrated and written by the two other more sane active admins.

Anyways, the roleplay is a great deal of fun and I hope that more people join us. Hope to see you there~

From what I can gather from the Preview thingy I can't exactly post links on here. Well, let me pray that this works.
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Warrior Clan Cats

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