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 Cherryleaf of WindClan

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PostSubject: Cherryleaf of WindClan   Cherryleaf of WindClan EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 8:45 pm

Cherryleaf of WindClan Tortoiseshellandwhitecat

Name- Cherryleaf
Age- 17 moons
Gender- female/she-cat
Rank- warrior
Clan- WindClan
Color/Description- Cherryleaf is a small tortoiseshell and white cat with dark amber eyes. Her fur is short but very soft, her tail is long in comparison to her little body, and her eyes are rather large. She is slender and lithe, and her claws are small but sharp.
Personality- Cherryleaf could be described as shy, though she is actually just quiet. She has a rather analytical mind and prefers to keep to herself than to socialize with others, though that does not mean that she doesn't socialize at all. She prefers to carefully think every action out to try and predict any unforseen consequences. However, this means that she requires time before making most decisions and she can crack under pressure. She also has problems with daydreaming. She longs for happier times and she often times finds herself caught up in her own fantasies, making it difficult for her to concentrate and can distract her from what's important. Despite all of this, she is very kind-hearted and only wants the best for everyone. She is very gentle and sweet to those that she is close to, but to her enemies she is cold and rude. She can also be rather distant, even when she isn't daydreaming, and to those that don't know her she may come off as a bit odd, though usually she is just deep within her own mind.
Mate- ---
Kits- ---
Relationships- --- 
History- Born to a WindClan tom and a rogue she-cat, Cherryleaf had always felt as if she didn't belong. She had no siblings and she originally lived with her mother until she died of greencough when Cherryleaf, who at that time only went by the name Cherry, was only a couple of moons old. Orphaned and on the verge on starvation, Cherryleaf was lucky to stumble into WindClan territory where she was found by a patrol that included her father. Pitying the poor kit, the Clan took her in. Because she was born an outsider, Cherryleaf always felt as if she needed to prove herself to her Clanmates as well as herself, and she still fears that she isn't accepted as a true WindClan cat, despite having WindClan blood and growing up in the Clan. 
Purchased RP Items- ---
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PostSubject: Re: Cherryleaf of WindClan   Cherryleaf of WindClan EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 5:51 pm

accepted! moving
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Cherryleaf of WindClan

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