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 New! Newbie Username Changes

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New! Newbie Username Changes Empty
PostSubject: New! Newbie Username Changes   New! Newbie Username Changes EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 3:44 pm

This affects all new members:

From the day you register, you have 3 days where you are free to change your username upon request. We have done this in case new members don't like their username. If you have registered less than 4 days ago and you want your username changed, contact an admin and give them the new username you want. CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE. We aren't going to change your name 50 times in the first 3 days of your registry. Wink (If you like your username, you don't have to change it. This is just an option if you WANT to change your name.)

If you have been a member 4 or more days, and you want your username changed, you have to purchase it with 1000 PP in the Prey Points Shop.

Please only comment if you have a question. Thanks!


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New! Newbie Username Changes

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