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 Birchtail of Windclan

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PostSubject: Birchtail of Windclan   Birchtail of Windclan EmptySat Jan 31, 2015 11:52 pm

Birchtail of Windclan Pixie-bob

Name- Birchtail
Age- 23 moons
Gender- Male
Breed- Pixie bob
Rank- Warrior
Clan- Windclan
Color/Description- Birchtail is a spotted cream colored tom with short fur and small ear tufts on the tip of his ear (similar to a Maine Coon). His feet, muzzle, underbelly, and around his eyes are all somewhat lighter than the rest of his pelt, his nose and ears are the darkest at a rusty brown.

Wary || Courteous || Sedulous || Incisive || Worrier || Indecisive 

Wary: Birchtail is constantly on alert. He remains rigid constantly; ready to react to anything unexpected. Both the environment around his and his own behavior is what he seems to focus on the most.
Courteous: This he-cat is very well-mannered when it comes to interacting with others. He believes acting in such a way will further solidify his facade of a self-confident, brave, and intelligent warrior he wishes to be. 
Sedulous: Once Birchtail sets out to do something, he makes sure to finish it and works hard to get it done. He's very careful about what he does, and this springs off of that a little bit.
Incisive: Even though he is an anxious tom, it does not stop him from being sharp and analytic at times.
Worrier: Be it about the future, or about something he may have said, this tom is always over thinking.

Indecisive: Birch has a very hard time making up his mind, mostly due to the insecurities about what others may think of his choices. He prefers to let others choose unless he has a solid idea of what to do.

Mate- Open
Relationships- None currently (Will be added)
History- Normal and uneventful for the most part. He's just your average warrior. He was born into Windclan, grew up there, and has stayed there.
Purchased RP Items- None

(Please tell me if there's anything I need to fix.)
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PostSubject: Re: Birchtail of Windclan   Birchtail of Windclan EmptySun Feb 01, 2015 12:06 am

Accepted, Moving ! Very good description of his personality(:
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Birchtail of Windclan

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