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PostSubject: Carousel   Carousel EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 11:39 pm

Carousel LdORwrD
[ she has horns in the photo but only for off site rps c:
shes just a regular cat here; i just lack other pictures ]
Name- Carousel
Age- 9 month [04.01.2014]
Gender- Female
Rank- Kitty-pet
Clan- n/a
Color/Description- Brown with an assortment of silver, dark brown, and lighter
brown markings. Golden eyes.
Carousel is quite the unusual little kitten, being talented with balance that she was
trained to channel into her small paws. Born to a carnival circus cat, Carousel quickly
 learned the way of a carnie. One of her favorite things to do is ride the carousel -
hence her name - and she also loves to balance on things, such as exercise balls.

On a different note, she lives in an apartment complex crawling with many different
 people that feed her on a daily basis, since she's friendly and visits them all. Carousel
 loves to explore and perform simple tricks that she knows, such as laying down, rolling
 over, and begging - all tricks that she was trained to do.

Carousel loves to lead adventures. If she has any friends around her, she'll likely use
her imagination to lead them into some sort of trouble. However, if someone tries to
 take her 'leader' position, she'll gladly let them, as she's a bit of a push over. She tends
 to easily believe things she's told, too, which causes inner conflicts if she's told two
separate things.
Mate- n/a
Kits- n/a

Relationships- n/a
History- Carousel was born in a carnival and clicker trained to do amazing tricks - such as
balancing on a ball and being able to balance on her front paws. While talented, she is still
young and has much to learn.
Purchased RP Items- n/a
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