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 Time of Disasters

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PostSubject: Time of Disasters   Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:30 pm

Name- Time of Disasters
Alias- Tod
Age- 7 months [06.16.2014]
Gender- Female
Rank- Loner
Clan- n/a
Color/Description- Ivory base with an assortment of dark gray-black markings
and pretty scarlet eyes. She occasionally wears a red flower crown made of roses.
Personality- Self reliant, stubborn, psychotic, inquisitive, cocky, moody,
occasionally sadistic.
[ feel free to visit her site for detailed information ]
Mate- n/a
Kits- n/a

Relationships- n/a
History- Tod was born with dissociative identity disorder, meaning that she has two split
personalities that can appear at random. While not dangerous, she can be quite the
pawful - a bit of an annoying one at that.
Purchased RP Items- n/a
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Time of Disasters

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