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 Mapleflame of shadowclan

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PostSubject: Mapleflame of shadowclan   Mapleflame of shadowclan EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 5:16 am

Mapleflame of shadowclan Sinbad
even the sharpest claws
And the keenest eyes
Cannot touch the fierceness 
And the deadly strike
Of the one who is loyal
To the ones she is fighting 
To save
And that is the heart of the clan
Not its leader
But the ones who would die
To protect it.
This is the word of the warrior.

"And with a great roar, 
The lion grew smaller,
And lost its mane
But it's flame-pelt
And ebony claws
In it's smaller build
And thus, 
The cat was born..."
~written by me (continued)
"... And the great cats watched
With eager eyes
And the air was filled
With roars
As the cat race grew 
And the shadows of
The great cats
Grew solid and 
Bounded away
And the cats 
Watched them go
Without regret"
~written by me

    [size=150]The basics[/size]
     name= mapleflame
     gender= she-cat (female)
     age= 24 moons
      [size=150]On the inside[/size]
     personality= mapleflame is cunning, brave, and daring. 
    She is sassy and tends to hide her true feelings. 
    Mapleflame is exceptionally loyal, and protective of 
    weaker members of the clan.
     history= mapleflame was born in the clan, 
    and like her sister, 
    hung around the medicine den a lot.
     However, she tended to prefer 
    chasing moss balls to sorting herbs,
     and enjoyed playing with the apprentices. 
    When she was apprenticed,
     she spent every day practicing battle 
    moves, even after hunting.
     She was enthusiastic until she was attacked by a 
    fox when she was alone, loosing her left eye.
     life= her life was easy until she lost her 
    eye, but she still fights
     better than most with her defection.
    [size=150]The relationships[/size]
     mate= looking
     crush= none
     kits= none yet
     family= her sister is snowbird.
    [size=150]The outer shell[/size]
     fur color= ginger
     markings= darker tabby stripes
    eye color= green
    The clan
     rank= warrior
     wanted rank= deputy
     apprentice= none yet
     mentor= died
     skill= fighting
     defection= she only has one eye.

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PostSubject: Re: Mapleflame of shadowclan   Mapleflame of shadowclan EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 10:04 am

Accepted, moving


Mapleflame of shadowclan Wip_co11
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Mapleflame of shadowclan

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