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 Stormflight, the gentle brute

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Stormflight, the gentle brute Empty
PostSubject: Stormflight, the gentle brute   Stormflight, the gentle brute EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 8:44 am

Stormflight, the gentle brute Sand-Cat-picspaper-com-600x400

Name: Stormflight
Nicknames: Storm, Mouse/Cricket (because of his sounds) and Batears

Age: 26 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Deputy
Clan: ThunderClan
Color/Description: Sandy coloured-tom with rather peculiar markings. He's got two large "rings" around his forelegs that are unnaturally dark in comparison to his rather light coat. These dark rings also appear on his tail, consistently working their way towards the dark tip at the end. Many kits had fun counting these rings when he was younger, some still find entertainment in this. He's also got several faint dark stripes down his back.

The tom has olive green eyes, and the tips of his ears are coloured the same dark colour as his stripes. His face has tabby-like markings, but these are a lighter/fainter brown than the other markings.

His biggest difference from normal clancats is the fact that he is of the species "Sand Cat". His ears are a little larger and further set apart, and he's slightly larger than your regular cat (both in length and in height). He's also got a different way of speaking, which makes many cats wonder just what he is. He is, however, far from mute.

Personality: Due to not being understood and teased a lot as a kit, the tom is rather inverted and prefers to not hang out with the other cats too much. He may be quiet but he proved to be a formidable hunter and fighter with his extra size and sharpened foreclaws, which lead to him being appointed deputy. After this he forced himself to stay around the other cats, but only speaks when in utter need. Usually it's simple sentences, or single words that are spoken. He seems to have a reduced vocabulary, and often make mistakes with his words. Often he'll just squeak or make other sounds to signal what he wishes his clanmates to do.

He can be rather blunt at times, but is extraordinarily kindhearted and gentle. His greatest weakness is that he's extremely stubborn and refuses to back down, at times leading to anger from his side depending on how fierce his competition is.

Mate: Not interested.
Kits: N/A
Relationships: N/A
History: One faithful day a ThunderClan queen was outside on a walk, sorrowful over the loss of her two kits. It was a heavy wave of white-cough that had claimed the youngsters. Upon this day she came across a small kit in the forest. He had some rather unusual markings, but otherwise looked like any normal cat. She took him in, as no scent of other cat was on him. She did scent some sort of odd, unknown smell very close to a cat's, but she didn't think much of it and decided to take him in with the warrior code at her side.

As he grew, it was obvious he was different. His markings was different, and he grew quickly, soon becoming larger than his equally old kits. He also could not speak and kept squeaking for a longer period of time, even though the other kits had already begun talking. In fact, he didn't start talking or even pronouncing anything before his 8th moon. His apprenticeship was very slow because of this and he didn't make it to warriorhood before he turned 17 moons old, at which point he could speak longer sentences, though with broken words in between.

His appearance in ThunderClan territory was because of his mother fleeing the local zoo, giving birth to two kits in TC territory. The zookeepers traced her down, and as she had no den to hide in she picked the largest of the two siblings and ran for it. Stormflight was fortunate that the queen took him in that day, or he would've fallen prey to the many creatures of the forest. His name was given to him due to the storm that was raging through the forest at the time. They also had a theory that Stormflight was handed to the clan by StarClan, brought to their land by the storm. Most cats fear him for his size and brute strength, something which the tom seems fairly content with.

Purchased RP Items: Sand Cat
Other: I've asked for permission to make him deputy. 
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Stormflight, the gentle brute Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stormflight, the gentle brute   Stormflight, the gentle brute EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 10:18 am

Accepted! Moving~


Stormflight, the gentle brute Wip_co11
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Stormflight, the gentle brute

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