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PostSubject: Fang    Fang  EmptyTue Jan 13, 2015 9:00 pm

Name: Fang
Age: 32 Moons
Gender: Tom

Mutated?: Yes
Personality: Despite his appearance, he is actually kindhearted and for the most part he enjoys the company of others rather than being alone. Unless he needs time to be alone to gather his thoughts, which happens a lot now since he's been mutated.
Appearance: Originally having white pelt, now with the pools of radiation laying around, gained a little bit of his parents Black fur on his ears, front paws, and a giant spot on his side. Aside from his recent fur change, his teeth and claws are much longer than normal and are more of a discomfort then helpful and along with an extra tail, which does not help him again what so ever.

Mate: None
Kits: None
Group?: None
History: Before the nuclear bombs came from the sky, Fang lived a pretty good life as a pet. His original name that was given to him was Fluffy, and he was happy to have a laid back lifestyle. During the time of when the first waves of nuclear's came down he was out deep in the fields, hunting for mice to bring home when there was explosions everywhere. When he rushed back to see if his family was safe, he accidentally fell into one of the newer radioactive pools. Thus, making him Fang.


Fang  Wip_co11
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