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 Current Groups/Guilds/Clans/Tribes

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Current Groups/Guilds/Clans/Tribes Empty
PostSubject: Current Groups/Guilds/Clans/Tribes   Current Groups/Guilds/Clans/Tribes EmptyMon Jan 12, 2015 6:49 pm

There are a few groups of remaining cats that are living in this desolate land, some of these cats group up and live together, trying to survive the harsh conditions that the radiation has brought upon. Some of these groups only allow non-mutated cats in, others do not. It really just depends on what kind of group your character hangs out with.

Banner here, if any
Name: Group/Guild/Clan/Tribe name
Lead by: Username
Group Location: Where their group is located in the RP
Allows: Non-Mutated Characters, Mutated Characters, Both
Group Info: Info about the user's group here.
Registration Thread: Link to the user's registration thread here

If you have a group that is not yet added to this listing, please post on this thread and I'll update it!
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Current Groups/Guilds/Clans/Tribes

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