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 Land Map

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PostSubject: Land Map   Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:11 pm

The map is currently being made

The Desolate City
Main street: Just abandoned houses and or destroyed ones to boot too. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to find some food laying around the ground or in cans. Now if you only knew how to use a can opener...
The Alleyway: Some cats are really, REALLY, dead set on staying in the city that they live in the darkened parts of the city. Not the recommended place to stay, as there is a few radioactive pools in the area.
The Field
The Barn: Some mice are scurrying around! Oh, wait. Never mind, its just another mutated mouse. Sometimes you might find some non-mutated food laying around here!
The Pit: Ah, nothing says "come stay here!" better than a giant hole in the ground. I'd be careful here if I were you, some cats are said to have gone missing, or maybe that was just some guild spreading the rumors to keep away from their base.
Lookout point
The Cliff: Hey, look at those silly cats over there leaning too far over the edge! It would be a shame if someone came and pushed them off...
The poisoned lake:This entire lake, that is underneath the cliff is one big radioactive! I would stay away from here, don't want anyone falling in now do we?
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Land Map

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