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PostSubject: Nightpaw   Nightpaw EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 3:13 pm

Nightpaw Tumblr_ni0dww57vF1sfw3cbo3_1280
Name- Nightpaw
Age- 11 moons
Color/Description-A completely black cat. He is much bigger than his siblings and muscled. His fur is short, and his eyes are a light blue.
Personality- He is loyal and kind, but very gullible. He has a sweet demeanor from growing up with two sisters. He has grown up to be quite the gentleman; he has a strong belief of mating for life. He is also strong-willed and determined.
Mate- N/A
Kits- N/A
Relationships- Sisters: Streampaw/Ashpaw Parents: Father: Bloodstreak (no longer roleplayed..rouge) Mother; Silversnow (Died shortly after childbirth)
History- Grew up close to his sisters and Sandstreak, was raised by the queens since his mother died after childbirth and his father became a rouge.
Purchased RP Items-N/A
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