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 Love Hina Generation

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PostSubject: Love Hina Generation   Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:47 pm

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Welcome one and all the famous Hinata Sou Inn located in none other than Tokyo, Japan. Come join the old and the new residents of the dorms and their wacky antics. We all have loads of fun and meets lots of interesting people and we’re always looking for more! So long as you think you can handle the many strange things that go on around the dorms. Talking animals, empowered residents, non-human beings, you name it, the Hinata Sou Inn has it! That and a boys dorm next door so don’t worry guys, you’re not being left out either. Visitors are also welcome but be warned, the residents don’t take too kindly to anyone who disrupts their peaceful home and as such the overall property of Hinata Sou is protected with an invisible three layered barrier. No one who’s intentions are less than pleasing can get in without being pushed out. Dare to give it a try? Both dorms have been renovated to have a state of the art kitchen, a common room with games, seating areas and TVs and an elevator that goes up to the third floor. The rent is cheap and goes as followed: 1 Bedroom $150, 2 Bedrooms $250, & 3 Bedrooms $350 and the deposit to put down is just $200, sometimes $100 depending on the income you bring in. Be sure to pay your rent on time or the landlords of the Urashima Family will not hesitate in reminding you about it. All of the dorm rooms themselves are wifi enabled, have an actual bedroom, living room and kitchen for a more apartment like feel and you’re welcome to choose your roommate. There’s a train that always goes by on a regular so there’s no hassle in commuting to work or to school. But before we depart from the start of the story, there is one thing I’d like to mention: there are many secrets about the Hinata Inn that often attracts many new tenants to come to live here (mostly females). Like you’ll find your one true love here, you’ll make lifetime friends or you’ll be able to easily get into Todai University. There’s much more than that and it is often believed that magic is behind it. But is this true or not? Well then, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself now won’t you? Will you find everlasting love, lifetime friendships or something more?

*side note* You can RP more than just Love Hina related characters here for some of us have RPed some of our Sailor Moon, Death Note, and Code Geass, Negima characters here as well as some other series characters. So long as the characters are in realistic limits of the forum universe. There are plenty Love Hina canons available that haven't been requested by members that wish to play them. You can also RP your own characters if you choose to and you can make them whatever you wish to so long as you follow the rules. But most importantly, just have fun making memorable plots with one another. Since freeforums doesn't allow guests to posts anything, ads have to be posted under the Ad Bot account. The password changes periodically depending on which staff updates it so it won't all the time be the same. So when you log in, post your ad and log out. Do not use the account to spam us as we respect your site and not do the same to you.

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Love Hina Generation

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