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 Fri's plot ideas, for the future, past and present!

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PostSubject: Fri's plot ideas, for the future, past and present!   Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:15 pm

Yeah, random title... Anyway, gonna use this to add some suggestions on plots. Because (as some of you already know) I'm a real sucker for creating plots. If you're not interested then feel free to move along! I'll write the main idea in bold, and then a following description to the idea to get you a in-depth feel of what I'm talking about.

Right, let's begin!


    Most obvious one, of course. It's leafbare, there's a high chance for getting white/green-cough in these days of chilly leafbare. It can also be an excuse for killing off inactive cats! (If you wish to do the activity check thingie I suggested earlier, then that could require, say, 5 RP posts after a certain point/drawing.)To make it even more entertaining, we'll have someone set up a list of all the cats. Every day a random number of cats is picked to have the cough (whether it be white or green) using random.org (1-5). Then we pick those (say we got 3 numbers) from the list of cats using the same site. That way it's completely random! Whether your cat dies or not is up to you (unless you're inactive).
Flood -> New-leaf
    Most obvious one. Keeping this short: snow melts, river levels rises and RiverClan gets in trouble (well, mainly RiverClan). The clans have to cooperate since the water drives most of the prey away. Some of the clans may even resort to scavenging in the twoleg areas, meeting rogues and other cats along the way. This could also lead to infection and diseases.
Sharptooth/wild cat/circus escapee
    This is the most entertaining in my opinion... A wild large cat has been released into the wild! Well, not on purpose of course... He/she simply escaped from their prison at a circus, and thus joins the clans in their areas, hiding for the twolegs.

    My main idea was for the big cat to be a lion or something, which would make the cats in awe that such a majestic animal would come around. It'd seem like StarClan just sent a vicious and grand ruler to be their king! The clans may bicker over whom should have the magnificent beast, or they could unite to become an empire under his rule. However, great victories comes with their own issues. The twolegs soon begin their search and they have to actively hide this bidder of StarClan from their sight, ultimately leading to several encounters with twolegs which might lead to the imprisonment of clanmembers (potential continuation of plot?).

    From there on I'd like some ideas of what could happen next, if you find the plot suitable.
    Alas, where I live it's quite common to hang up mirrors in the forest to warn/make cars drive more safely and/or scare off moose. Especially where there's known to be a lot of moose. Perhaps such a thing could happen in their forest as well? Suddenly one day a lot of shiny, reflecting stones are found hung up in the trees (small rectangular mirrors on a metal string). Perhaps an omen from StarClan? What to use these stones for etc.


Trying to make realistic plots since they should be potential events irl as well... Each will be described as detailed as possible to explain how/why it can happen. Some are left as WIPs for the time being while I gather information for them/type them up.

Thanks for reading I suppose... Do feel free to come with adjustments of your own!
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Fri's plot ideas, for the future, past and present!

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