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 Crow from DF and Jaggedtooth from Starclan

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PostSubject: Crow from DF and Jaggedtooth from Starclan   Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:59 pm

Cat name: "Why do you need to know?" Her name is Crow.
Desired name: "I am happy with my name as it is, if I was still living I'd never go back to those weak clans."
Gender: "I'm a she-cat, if you cannot tell."
Rank "I used to be deputy, but that is none of your business!"
Desired rank: "I want to go back to the clans and become leader."
Clan/Residence: "I used to be in Shadowclan, and now I am happy in the Dark Forest."
Age: "I am 70 moons old, and If you count the moons I have been dead, I am 200 moons old." 
Looks: "I'm standing ri-" Crow is a jet-black she-cat with dark green eyes.
Personality: Crow is very mysterious, quiet, and snappy. Half the cats she talks to don't even know her name.
History: "That is none of-" Crow had a normal life until she was a warrior, and she was known as Crowtalon. She never got to decide anything until she was named deputy. After that, she tried to kill her leader so she could become leader, but she was caught and exiled, but luckily the leader was unharmed. Crowtalon named herself Crow, and later got killed by a fox.
Mate: "I don't need love, I want power."
Crush: ^^
Family: "What? All I remember is I had a mom, dad, and 2 brothers."
Kits: "I want power."

Cat name: "My name is Jaggedtoof!" (I didn't spell tooth wrong, it's his voice because of his... well... jagged tooth.)
Desired name: "I'm happy with my name!"
Gender: "I'm a tom, if you couldn't tell"
Rank "I was an elder in my clan."
Desired rank: "I'm happy in Starclan, but if I ever go back to clan life, I'd like to be a warrior."
Clan/Residence: "I'm in Starclan!"
Age: "I was 144 moons old when I died, I've been dead for only 60 moons."
Looks: I've got this, Jaggedtooth. Jaggedtooth is a small, light brown tom with dark brown tabby stripes and a jagged tooth with a small scar under it.
Personality: Jaggedtooth is pretty friendly and sociable, but he can be shy at times.
History: He lived a normal life, except for falling in love with a medicine cat. But he was forgiven for that and went to Starclan.
Mate: *le unnamed medicine cat*
Crush: ^^
Family: Unknown
Kits: *le unnamed kits*
Other: He died of old age.
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PostSubject: Re: Crow from DF and Jaggedtooth from Starclan   Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:25 pm

Accepted and being moved xD


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Crow from DF and Jaggedtooth from Starclan

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