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Elijah (ADA Mod)

PostSubject: A DAILY ANTHEM    A DAILY ANTHEM  EmptyThu Dec 18, 2014 1:35 pm

A DAILY ANTHEM  06c9d0b0-09be-445e-b9eb-b3c3a20aa363_zps9d4fb326
Welcome to the city of Seattle. Rain or shine, clouds or blue skies, the city is a lively one with a constant bustle of activity and so much diversity it's almost impossible to keep up with. While the districts within Seattle do set a slight definition between the classes within Seattle's population, walking down the street offers an array of different people, from the homeless to the rich and famous. Strangers from all walks of life come and go within and throughout the city every day. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet or get a little dirt on your shoes--there's room for everybody here. Meet your best friends, worst enemies, and soul-mates. Go to school, go to work, work the streets, become an artist or musician. You name it, there's bound to be a possibility it exists.
This is Seattle, and this is our daily anthem.
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