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 Different Threads for Different Clans

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Different Threads for Different Clans Empty
PostSubject: Different Threads for Different Clans   Different Threads for Different Clans EmptyThu Feb 02, 2012 11:10 pm

Please use a different thread/topic for each Clan of cats you create for it makes the moderators and administrators job so much easier. So, you can have all of your ThunderClan cats in one topic. All your WindClan cats in another and such. It is to keep this forum much neater and more organized. Also, if you have a rogue/loner/kittypet, can you please put those in another separate topic likethe Clans? The same for StarClan and the Dark Forest cats. Thank you and by doing this, you keep this forum so much more organized! :D
- Warriors Life Staff
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Different Threads for Different Clans

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