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PostSubject: Nightfang   Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:11 pm

Name: Nightfang
Age: 25 moons
Gender: She-cat
Ranks: Warrior
Clan: Dark Forest
Description: Medium-length black pelt with white paws and muzzle. Medium-sized, slender she-cat with a seemingly fragile build and bright blue eyes.
Mentor: Honeywhisker(NPC)
Apprentice(s): N/A
Parents: Snowfall(NPC) and Silentheart(NPC)
Kin: Badgerpelt 
Crush: WIP
Mate: WIP
Kits: N/A
Personality: Nightfang is Cruel, Viscious, Hateful, and Deceptive. When speaking to others she is often Blunt and Guarded even now while in the Dark Forest. Secretly, Nightfang has been lonely her entire life and the only person she has ever opened up to was her mate.
History: Nightfang grew up in Shadowclan with her brother Badgerpelt. As newborn kits they were very close but, as moons passed they drifted apart. Growing up Nightfang was alot quieter than her brother and was often looked over in favor of her brother. Often she felt that even her parents liked her brother more because of his strength and potential. In the beginning of her apprenticeship Nightfang still struggled to feel at home in the clan. Moons later when her brother was made a warrior for helping chase out the badgers but she was not, even though she had helped, Nighfang finally snapped. The night of her brother's warrior ceremony Nightfang had her first trip to the dark forest. Noticing something had changed Nightfang's mentor at the time, Honeywhisker, tried her best to bring Nightfang back into the folds of the clan but it didn't work.

More will be added when I find people to play her mate, the dark forest cat, and the cat she kills.

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PostSubject: Re: Nightfang   Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:09 am

Ohhh i wanted to keep reading her history. Very interesting character you got here. I would love to be involved in some sort of plot with her.  Blush

accepted and moving


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