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 Shattered Alley [Cat RP]

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Shattered Alley [Cat RP] Empty
PostSubject: Shattered Alley [Cat RP]   Shattered Alley [Cat RP] EmptyMon Nov 17, 2014 3:51 pm


 are a unique, realistic and semi-literate cat role play. A tornado has
ravaged the isolated village of Foxcroft. Many humans have passed away
and the rest have left the village never to return. The house cats have
been thrown into a world that they probably never knew existed beyond
their cozy homes and warm hugs. The alley cats have been left without
any humans to mooch off of for a stray snack. They have also had to deal
 with the influx of completely inexperienced pet cats. It has been some
time now that the house and alley cats have been on their own like their
 feral brethren. Things are still a bit shaky, but seem to be going well
 with everyone adapting to their new surroundings.

within the last month trouble has been stirring. A band of rogue cats is
 forming a plan to take over the village. They are power hungry and
ruthless. They will not stop until they get what they want which is more
 land and more recruits on their side. It is up to the good hearted
felines to band together to take on this new evil, or take a chance and
join the other side. Do you have what it takes to make it in a land
[b]where everything has been turned upside down[/b]?

are up for the position of the captains and soldiers! Click
for more details.

[b]What we offer[/b]:
[*]Open territories to claim
[*]A site wide plot twist that allows members to choose to their own destiny
[*]Open auditions for a band of rogue cats
[*]Friendly members and staff
[*]A wonderful shop for all that you need

 Home -[/url]  [url="http://shatteredalley.boards.net/thread/161/code"]-
 Rules -[/url]  [url="http://shatteredalley.boards.net/thread/4/past"]-
Our Past -[/url]  
[url="http://shatteredalley.boards.net/thread/371/auditions"]- Auditions
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Shattered Alley [Cat RP]

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