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 Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back]

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VWW Staff

Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back] Empty
PostSubject: Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back]   Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back] EmptySun Nov 16, 2014 10:35 pm

Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back] TnsRQ1t

VWW is a beginner to literate RPG that is focused on the Warrior Cat series, but slightly branches off with boards for wolves and foxes as well. Create your own unique character, and roleplay its progression through life. You get to choose what path your character will take. The site had its 6th birthday in April 2014, and is still going strong. We have welcoming staff that will be glad to help new members get started. Come join the second largest Warriors roleplaying community!

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Virtual Warrior World [Linking Back]

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