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 Stormflight-Deputy of Windclan, if mods approve?

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PostSubject: Stormflight-Deputy of Windclan, if mods approve?   Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:15 am

Name- Well, I'm called Stormflight.
Age- I'm aroun- oh ho ho, using tricks on me huh? Well, I am about 20 moons. Geez rude of you to ask a she-cat her age.
Gender- You moron. I'm a she-cat, isn't that obvious by how beautiful I am? *chuckle*
Rank- Well, I'm the proud deputy of the swift WindClan, for I adore the speed.
Clan- Like I said, Ilike speed, please guess what clan that is. geez.
Color/Description- You can use the picture above as a reference. Grey pelt.
Personality- Stormflight is a happy go lucky she cat. She gets straight to the point and thinks rather swiftly. Having the qualities of a smart brave warrior she likes to cheer cats up by scaring or pranking them in one way or another. She doesn't seem too caring either, a happy go lucky cat basically. Though she can become a bit ambitious when it comes to achieving goals.
Crush- One of those mousebrains? Nope.
Mate- I guess, I'll get one one day, can't be alone forever.
Kits- hahaha, if I never had a mate, how do you think I would get kits?
Family/History- Please get away from me. Everyone in her family was killed by badgers, her sister whom survived with her was killed by a band of cruel cats. No she lives here, a scar going through one of her eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Stormflight-Deputy of Windclan, if mods approve?   Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:20 pm

Accepted! Moving


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Stormflight-Deputy of Windclan, if mods approve?

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