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 Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan.

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Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan. Empty
PostSubject: Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan.   Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan. EmptyTue Apr 23, 2013 4:37 pm

Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan. Images10
Name- Cinderstar
Age- 28 Moons.
Gender- Tom.
Rank- Leader
Clan- ThunderClan.
Color/Description- Picture above.
Personality- Cinderstar is a wise, respective cat towards his clan and those whom he considers his family. He can be relentless in combat if he feels threatened, and his best interests are in ThunderClan alone; he plans to show no mercy to any outsiders whom try to step in his way of the success of him and his piers. With a heart of loyalty and determination, he will stop at nothing to see the best of wellbeing for those he cares about.
Crush- None.
Mate- None.
Kits- None.
Family/History- He was born in the wilderness. Outside the Horseplace, and far away from the clans. His mother died giving birth to him, and he and his father traveled throughout places; eventually his father fell sick. He was a wanderer for moons, until one day as a younger tom he found his way to ThunderClan. They took him in as his own and over time he found himself up the ranks and as the leader.


Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan. 85442360&trans=1

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Cinderstar, Leader of ThunderClan.

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