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 Jaytalon of River Clan

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PostSubject: Jaytalon of River Clan   Jaytalon of River Clan EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 6:51 pm

Name- Jaytalon

Age- Thirty-Two Moons of Age.

Gender- Tom-Cat.

Rank- Deputy.

Clan- River Clan.

Color/Description- This cat is a Bombay, an example of a black cat, consisting of sleek, coal black fur, and beautiful golden irises. He has a muscular build, and LOVES to show it. His nose is leather black, and his all black pigmentation is quite prevalent, in comparison to other black tabbies. Jaytalon has a thin, but long scar ranging from the top right corner of his left eye, to the bottom right corner of his mouth. His paw pads are brown, and his claws are averagely long.

Personality- Jaytalon is of course, the kind of cat that can hold is own in a fight. He doesn't always abide by his leader's rules, which gets him into trouble on certain occasions. He loves to fight. If he gets the chance to attack, he always takes it. He does his best for those he cares and loves for, but can easily be convinced otherwise. (Evil cats, use that to your advantage. ) Fast reflexes, strong legs, and averagely sharp claws make this cat the fiery furball he is.

Crush- None . . .

Mate- Nope . . .

Kits- Not yet . . .

Family/History- Before he came to ThunderClan, he was a very young kittypet cat with one brother, two sisters, a dad, and a sick mother. One day, while he was out playing with his siblings, their twolegs turned on them, and decided to walk their dog. The dog Jumped at the cats hard enough to force the leash from it's owner's hands, and darted at the cats. His dad told him, and his siblings to run. As they did so, his dad went back to protect his mother. The dog caught up with one of his two sisters, and the cats had to turn back to retrieve their caught sibling. After injuring his sister, he charged at the dog, and it charged at him, resulting in a thin cut across his face. That was the last thing he remembered from that horrific day, and since then, he tries the best he can to protect those in which he knows and loves. He then left to RiverClan, where he began his story as deputy. 


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Jaytalon of River Clan

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