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 FATE - rpg.

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FATE - rpg. Empty
PostSubject: FATE - rpg.   FATE - rpg. EmptyThu May 30, 2013 5:13 pm

You have just died.

It may have been seconds since you last saw light, or perhaps years; but now, you feel like you are opening your eyes again for the first time. There is an ethereal, otherworldly presence watching over you; it is they who brought you here, for they need your help. They are engaged in an eternal battle with others of their kind and are fighting for their ideals in the very universe that you know. Will you believe in them and follow in their footsteps, or create your own path?

In The FATE RPG, you write your own story. Encounter the omnipotent beings that rule over the realm of End, combat powerful opponents, and form lifelong bonds with other souls that share this realm - fight for what you think is right in an ongoing cosmic war!

Experience the brand new science fiction roleplay forum known as FATE!

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FATE - rpg.

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