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 Olympus, home of the gods

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Olympus, home of the gods Empty
PostSubject: Olympus, home of the gods   Olympus, home of the gods EmptySun May 05, 2013 5:13 pm

Welcome to Olympus!
We are a 2-D Graphical Chat under Chatlands.
We are based on Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythology and ancient times.

At the start of the creation of the realms and worlds, Zeus; Odin; Jupiter; and Amun Ra decided to branch off into their own people. Zeus created Greece and claimed the Greek people as his; Odin created other parts of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic and claimed the Nordics as his, Jupiter created Rome and claimed the Romans as his, and Amun Ra created Egypt and claimed the Egyptians as his. Once all the gods were created and birthed for all parts, all four agreed that their people would not believe in other gods outside of their region. Thus, Olympus was created! Everyone agreed that the entire creation would be considered Olympus, and they could choose what their people would believe their worlds to be called. Humans, animals, mythological creatures, and gods roam these lands, creating life and figuring out their destinies. Do you choose to be of Zeus; Odin; Jupiter; or Amun Ra?


Creator - Underdog.

Owner - Lord.

Co-Owner - AnthonyStark.

Alphas - AnthonyStark and Jade.

Betas - AmunRa.

Gammas - N/A.

Helpers - Clarke.

Admin applications are open! You may find them here.

Forums are open!
Chat is closed!

Hope to catch you guys around!
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Olympus, home of the gods

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