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 StarClan Skies

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PostSubject: StarClan Skies   Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:35 pm

StarClan's hunting grounds are described as a moonlit night landscape in greenleaf, a land of mist and shadows. It resembles the landscape of The Forest, and several locations exist in both the waking world and in StarClan.
For the living cats, StarClan's territory appears as a large, cloudy-looking swath of stars, which has been confirmed to be the Milky Way. Clan cats believe that, upon dying and joining StarClan, a new star appears in Silverpelt. On the other hand, the stars are sometimes regarded as representing the living cats instead of the dead ones.

Information from http://warriors.wikia.com/


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PostSubject: Re: StarClan Skies   Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:08 pm

Huntpelt stood near a river in the Starclan territories, hunting for fish. Concentrating on the water, she wasn't quite sure weather or not hunting was now boring or more fun, as it seemed to come much easier and with no consequences if she didn't come back to the camp with prey, so she felt virtually no pressure. 

Her mind briefly flooded to a more or less unpleasant memory, Cleargaze. Originally, Huntpelt had looked up to the younger cat, managing to become a warrior dispute being mute. Although Huntpelt was horrified to find out that she had killed 13 rouges, she couldn't believe it when Cleargaze rejected the opportunity to join Starclan. She still couldn't. She often wondered if her disability had something to do with it, perhaps some of her clanmates had teased her or maybe she felt better being a loner, with limited communication abilities. 

She put the thoughts away as she shot her paws forward, pulling a trout out of the river, not the biggest she had caught but still a good catch. Hm, it'd make a good meal for the cats back at camp. But I should bring back a few more if I can, She thought, putting the trout on the bank before turning her attention back to her fishing.


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StarClan Skies

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