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 Old WL Staff

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PostSubject: Old WL Staff   Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:38 pm



Global Moderators

Roleplay Moderators

Want to get to know the Warriors Life staff? Now's your chance! You can read the staff's bios (written by themselves) below! (STAFF: If you're unable to edit this post to input yours, please send a PM containing your information to the administrators.

Kemical: Hello! I'm Kemical, but you can call me Kem or Kemi. Sometimes you may see people calling me Moon (Moonfeather) because that was m original name here. c: I don't have as much free time as I use to, therefore you may not see me on too often. I mostly RP as animals (not humans), so you will see me around in that realm of roleplaying. I'm a pretty friendly person, but I can be strict if you get on my nerves. Feel free to come talk to me if you have any questions or problems. I tend to be a good friend to talk to if people need advice about something.

Carekitty: Heyy, tis Cares here. I'm 14 and live around the east coast of the USA. I've been a member here since the beginning c: I'm really easy going and crazy at times. I'm obsessed with many things (usually you can find these things in my signature). I love art, a lot, and I tend to over use smileys and GIFs. 8D I'm a real lenient Admin, but don't push it. Have questions or want just wanna talk? Don't be scared to PM me or talk to me on the forums. I think of myself as just another member at times. xD

Friskusis: Hello. I'm Silver, I'm a 15 year old girl from Norway. I arrived at the site a few days after it was created, and started as an ordinary member. After a while I was allowed into the staff, being given the position as Artist. I maintained this position quite a while, before I was made a co-admin to the site :)I'm mostly a friendly person, (though in real life, I tend to be a bit short-tempered...) and I love to help out with any problems the WL users might have!

SpiderMephy: Hi! I am Silence, I am 15 years old from Canada. I did not join at the same time as the other admins. But I originally started as a General Helper when it was around originally, then I went to RP moderator. Then to Global Moderator for about a week before I became a Admin! I am a fun and friendly person when you get to know me, I enjoy drawing and helping others. If you want to chat just PM with me.




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Old WL Staff

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