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Moon Phase and Weather
Season: Leaffall
Weather: It's getting colder with rain becoming more often and the occasional frost in the morning.
Prey: High Normal Low
Water Level: High Normal Low
Gathering Date: October 19
MC Meeting Date: October 12 & 27
Leader- Icestar
Deputy- Sungaze
Medicine Cat- Fernleaf
M.C. Apprentice- Gingerpaw

Deputy- N/A
Medicine Cat- Silentwind
M.C. Apprentice- N/A

Leader- Echostar
Deputy- Treeclaw
Medicine Cat- Lightpounce
M.C. Apprentice- N/A

Leader- Sorrelstar
Deputy- Scorchclaw
Medicine Cat- Mintseed
M.C. Apprentice- N/A

Leader- Skystar
Deputy- N/A
Medicine Cat- Cherryleaf
M.C. Apprentice- Mosspaw

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